The Good Fall

I spent the morning convincing myself that getting out of bed and going to work was a good idea.  I discovered that when I don’t want to be very convincing, I’m not.  I decided to nurse my fatigued body with the minimum amount of physical movement conceivable to still render me as “working” and “worthy … Continue reading

Lesser-known holidays

I love holidays.  Probably the product of my upbringing.  We have 25 plastic containers of Christmas decorations at home.  When finished, it looks like a holiday wonderland.  It has been said we kind of go overboard.  We get a little excited about fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving), Valentine’s day, and St. Patrick’s Day too.  My dad’s … Continue reading

The Programmer and The Psychologist

Oz and I are both in school.  He is studying computer programming (among other things…I haven’t decided if this makes him brilliant or insane).  And I am studying psychology. These differences can be quite an adventure when it comes to communicating mental processes.  Oz first gathers as many possibly relevant yet logical facts as he … Continue reading

Mondays are my favorite days

Mondays are my favorite days.  Most people just throw away Mondays, the dreaded start of the week, the early morning after a lazy (or action packed) weekend.  I’d even venture to say that most people dread Mondays. But I don’t. Because every Monday, Oz has a 3 hour break between classes and I drive across … Continue reading