Mondays are my favorite days

Mondays are my favorite days.  Most people just throw away Mondays, the dreaded start of the week, the early morning after a lazy (or action packed) weekend.  I’d even venture to say that most people dread Mondays.

But I don’t.

Because every Monday, Oz has a 3 hour break between classes and I drive across state lines to see him.

In my head, Mondays would work like this… I’d arrive on campus just as the sun breaks through the clouds.  A perfect breeze would tousle my curls and bring a smile to Oz’s face.  He’d saunter over to me, wrap his arms around me and kiss my cheek.  Then he’d grab my hand and take me on an adventure. The aquarium perhaps- with an encounter with flightless feathered friends? A fancy lunch by the river where we’d laugh lightly and order a second round of milkshakes?  A stroll around campus like sweethearts, where he’d lend me his sweatshirt and we’d take old timey black-and-white photos and look endearing?

But reality shoots some holes through my dream fantasies, with the limiting factors being mainly money and time. Oh, and the unpredictability of disease.

Instead we sit in a nearly abandoned restaurant and talk.  That’s where I learned that we have very different political views, ranging tastes in music, and that we both have a favorite color of blue.  And I like that.  Or we sit in my car and listen to music.  I pretend I am great at singing.  Oz pretends his ears don’t hurt from it. I think he also pretends not to notice the extra papers and sweat shirts and general stuff I have in my car, including nearly life saving granola (but that’s another story).

We recently discovered a park near his campus.  We barely got to spend an hour there, after nearly getting lost.  Turns out, Oz was a stunt driver in a previous life, flooring it in reverse to get back to the missed entrance.  We climbed on a water feature, which I’m still not sure we were allowed to do.  We hiked on a beautiful trail into the woods, but couldn’t stay long due to blood-sugar issues.  We say we are going to go back again next week.  But with the weather getting colder, I don’t know. I don’t know what we will do when it is too chilly to hike or sit in a car. But that’s what makes it adventurous.  I can’t plan it. Because I can’t be held responsible for my health or his. And for one day a week I don’t have to be.  Mondays are my favorite days.

Mondays may be the most beautiful days too.



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