Lesser-known holidays

I love holidays.  Probably the product of my upbringing.  We have 25 plastic containers of Christmas decorations at home.  When finished, it looks like a holiday wonderland.  It has been said we kind of go overboard.  We get a little excited about fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving), Valentine’s day, and St. Patrick’s Day too.  My dad’s favorite holiday is Groundhog’s Day.  I usually make him a card.  Every year he says the same thing… “Only in America can we set aside a day to celebrate a rodent and his shadow.”

I happen to like “Pretend to be a Time-Traveler day” (12/18) but I don’t understand why it says “pretend.”

We should really be working on this, people!

But speaking of things we should be working on, today is a special holiday.  11/14 is World Diabetes Day. (The whole month of November is Diabetes Awareness Month). Until I met Oz, I used to hear “diabetes” and not really know what was going on.  Or whether or not I should care.  But it’s a big deal.  It effects a lot of people.  And Type 1 Diabetics have it their whole life, like Oz who has had it since he was 13 months old.   Over the last two decades, amazing strides have been made with research for treating diabetes (like the change from animal derived insulin to lab made insulin, and even impressive groundwork on an artificial pancreas, which I think is awesome, the thought that Oz might one day be bionic…well, partly bionic).  This research has transformed diabetes from an ultimately fatal life-sentence to a very manageable (although somewhat annoying) day-to-day disease.  But just because people like Oz can live with it now, doesn’t mean they should have to.  If treatment has come by in leaps and bounds, a cure could be just around the corner.

11/14 coincides with the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting. This is the guy that discovered insulin. I wish I had the chance to thank him for making the discovery that started a revolution that allows incredible people like Oz to live.  But he’s been dead 61 years.  And we still haven’t ironed out the details of time traveling.   Regardless of that fact, and the fact that I am not smart enough to make the next great break-through discovery with diabetes (I failed biology and chemistry…twice), there is so much I can do.  So this is me joining the cause.  Check it out!! http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm?page_id=100673

Even if this isn’t the cause close to your heart, get out there are support the one that is!  Great discoveries and scientists need you, to inspire them and spread awareness (and fund them). Find the awareness day/week/month, and get out there.  There are so many strong people out there who fight and survive diseases.  I’m sure they, like me, would be more than happy to celebrate such lesser-known holidays with you.

Happy World Diabetes Day!

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