Christmases Past (and future)

So I’ve been really really good this year. (Okay, maybe only one ‘really.’) And since it is my first Christmas with Oz, I feel like it is rather special.  He already received his Christmas present…I bought us tickets to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They were floor seats (like I said, I’ve been really good … Continue reading

The truth about failed adventures

You may be protesting by now. El, your failed adventures all have a silver lining.  Life is not always like that. I know. More often than not, failed adventures take quite a bit of distance and hindsight to be enjoyed.  And sometimes, even time doesn’t fix them.  For example, I once gave a friend a gift … Continue reading


“Do you just want to call it a stalemate?” I offered. “Let’s play for just a few more minutes,” Oz responded delightfully. There is a small coffee shop right by campus. It’s one of my Favorite Places. The chairs don’t match. There is origami hanging from the ceiling and local art on the walls. And … Continue reading


My best friend Red has had the year of her life.  It could easily be translated into a Lifetime movie, or in the very least, an epically (and sometimes failed) adventure. We meet weekly and philosophize on the beauty of life and love, and the artistic mess it can be. This week, over Thai food, the … Continue reading