Failed Adventures, Polar Express Style

One of the many wonderful things about Oz is that he loves to bring joy to people.  And while you know him to be a programmer, what you didn’t know is that he employed by an entertainment company.  And when said company is short of entertainers, Oz gets pulled from behind the computer screen.  So this holiday season, I get to date an elf.

Not this kind of elf.

Not this kind of elf.

This kind of Elf.

This kind of Elf.








Of course when I found this out, I was tickled. Oz’s holiday spirit, plus striped knee-high socks, plus his great big hooked nose! I was thrilled. And Oz was doing his best to not let me see him. He should have known better than to try and stop me.

Oz the Elf was working a local train that takes families to “the North Pole” to hang out with Santa, snack on some cookies, color, and of course, ride an awesome train. Using my extensive intel, I was able to uncover this information. So Sunday, I planned on buying a ticket to surprise and heckle my Elf.  And take lots of pictures to spread over social media of course (sharing is caring, right?).

Sunday rolls around and I am trying to figure out what to wear while mapping out directions to the train (I like to multi-task), when much to my horror, I discovered that the train was sold out for the entire day. All 4 train rides, sold out before noon.  (I guess people really like Elves and Santa, or something).

Anyway, I was facing my day, ready to label it as another failed adventure and move on.  But I couldn’t. Not this time. So I developed a Plan B.  Taking my train ticket money, I…well, I guess it would be easier to show you than tell you.Holiday cheer!

That is over 120 Christmas bows, attached by magnets, covering Oz’s car. You can imagine his surprise when Oz the Elf approached his car. He pretended like he was grumpy about it, but he couldn’t hide the delight in his eyes.

Sometimes failed adventures lead to even better adventures. And talking to him later over breakfast-for-dinner, he laughed.  I was so excited to have initiated the first prank of our relationship, and so happy it was done in the holiday spirit. Oz couldn’t agree more.

All the bows and magnets and effort put into this adventure were well worth it.

Besides, I couldn’t think of a better way to express what a wonderful gift he has been for me in my life so far.

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