My (Very Public) Love Letter

Dear Oz I stayed on the phone for what felt like hours after you had fallen asleep. I’m sure it wasn’t hours, but what is time anyway? At one point you were saying goodnight. You said something I couldn’t understand. When you repeated it, I heard, “I will never leave you.” I was doing my … Continue reading

Getting Literate

I was saved today, by a little blue book. Everything has been swirling out of control for me. If I was to count the number of days I have been out of commission in 2013, it would honestly equal about half. Those days are wasted, gone, as is a lot of my confidence. And just … Continue reading


I feel like I ought to start prepping now. The temperatures next week are going to drop down to the single digits. Ideally this time would be spent consuming tea, hiding under my electric blanket, and perfecting my zen art of becoming a couch cushion. But real life gets in the way. And under conditions … Continue reading

Fortunes and Frog Legs

Seems failed adventures really are Oz’s and my thing. Even our fortune cookie thinks so.                     Also, I learned not to challenge Oz to a food dare. He ate frog legs… (…before reading his fortune cookie. Luckily nothing calamitous happened.) Continue reading

take heart.

Some things are just no good. Some things, quite frankly, suck. Snow filled, freezing winters happen to be one of them. My biggest fibromyalgia battles happen to be against the weather. (Big surprise, I should try to fight something I have no control over…) Temperatures in the teens and twenties make me unbelievably tired, makes … Continue reading