I feel like I ought to start prepping now. The Hellotemperatures next week are going to drop down to the single digits. Ideally this time would be spent consuming tea, hiding under my electric blanket, and perfecting my zen art of becoming a couch cushion. But real life gets in the way. And under conditions like this, failure seems inevitable.

See there are so many other things to attend to.  And that attentiveness just isn’t conducive to hibernation.

Things I am probably going to fail on this week:

Caring for my dog. She just got a toe removed, and a lot of the duties of caring for her have fallen on my mother. I know that she is home with the dog all day and it can be really stressful, so I have been trying to assist her when I can.

Classes. Who needs to attend to learn anyway? I’m sure it is over-rated. Faced with feeling miserable, a long commute, walking through a wind tunnel, and sitting in a freezing classroom, I’d rather not….not that I could anyway.

Enthusiasm. Oz just put in his two weeks notice for a job that was incredibly taxing on him. And for the first time in almost 2 months, he can breath and laugh with ease. I want more than anything to go on long hikes with him right now, annihilate vagrant teams in laser tag with him, go bowling, go salsa dancing, go for a long drive and just forget that either of us ever had anything to worry about in the first place.

Instead of celebrating, he will probably be my hero and sit quietly with me. He will hold my hand and try to tell me to remember that it is only the weather. And I will try (and fail) at being funny and strong.

But I will do my best not to fail at thinking warm thoughts, and planning all sorts of adventures for spring…if spring ever comes. Image


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