My (Very Public) Love Letter

Dear Oz

I stayed on the phone for what felt like hours after you had fallen asleep. I’m sure it wasn’t hours, but what is time anyway?

At one point you were saying goodnight. You said something I couldn’t understand. When you repeated it, I heard,

“I will never leave you.”

I was doing my best not to cry and wake you up more.

I told you that I love you too. And that I will never leave you.

I could hear you smile through your sleepiness. You said,

“I know.”

When I asked you how you knew, you simply said,

“Because I do.”

And I trust that. Whole-heartedly. That is how I know that I will be happy with you, regardless of the zipcode.  And because even when I am feeling terrible, seeing a text or a call from you makes me smile. Because I dream about you all the time. Because you brought me flowers on my Worst Day of  2013.  Because you never break the important promises.  Because when I feel like I can’t take it anymore, I can close my eyes and hear your heartbeat, and suddenly everything is smaller.  Because my hand fits perfectly in yours.

January hasn’t been the fresh start to 2013 like we hoped.  But like the saying goes, bad dress rehearsal, great opening night. February is 2 days away, and it is bound to be better.

I’ve not run out of failed adventures for us to have.

Love always,
your El



One thought on “My (Very Public) Love Letter

  1. this is overwhelming. the simplicity of the structure, the perfect transparency of trust that is what we ultimately all are seeking to find within another person. thank you so much. this gives me hope for ever finding someone like that.

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