Out And On the Town

Oz has been out for a while, which has left me to suffer the sudden onset of winter by myself.  This normally casts a very snowy forecast on my heart, but I’m determined to not feel funky.  So I have found myself out and on the town… as much as someone with fibromyalgia can be.

A few weekends ago, I got to celebrate Clifford the Big Red Dog’s 50th birthday (he’s like 350 in dog years!). It was this HUGE event downtown, and I was volunteering as part of one of my classes.  I met the most lovable adoptable puppy named Marconi. He was part basset hound and 100% adorable.  I tried to get Oz to adopt him with seductive pictures of this little guy and me (what guy could rest TWO pairs of puppy dog eyes staring at him?).  No luck though.

I set out on a mission to discover all of the parks in our state.  Turns out there are close to 60 state parks!fall 2011

Oz really wants to go camping in the spring and summer. It’s kind of  hard to imagine though. It’s deceptively cold right now. The sun is shining but the wind is more eager to greet you than the sun’s rays.  It’s also to imagine with Oz. He is ALWAYS busy, and seeing him without his computers might be frightening for more than just him!

But that didn’t stop me from researching. Some are so pretty. I have lived here most of my life and didn’t even know some of these places existed. I guess I was taking for granted what was right under my nose, by ignoring it. What a fail!  But that is going to change, and I’ll provide photographic evidence. I know my next big purchase is going to be a nice pair of hiking boots. In the summer, one of the parks even offers hand-feeding hummingbirds! (Hand-feeding hummingbirds is actually on my bucket list.)

But then I look outside. And it is cold. I have two sweaters with me and a ski jacket.  So it is hard to imagine we will ever go anywhere but here.

I’m sure Oz will bring back the sun with him. It’s just what people like him do. When they aren’t busy with the Emerald City.


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