Yesterday was a day of treasures for me.  I certainly needed it.  For some reason, Fridays always seem to be subpar.  I suppose that’s what I get for having high expectations. My first treasure was a recipe for cake…in a mug. As in, the ability to have my own personal serving of cake anytime I … Continue reading

The Saddest Words

Every professional sick person knows the word bank of things they certainly don’t want to hear: You don’t look sick     Have you tried…..    We don’t know why your test results declined/showed up normal     I wish you could still do….    Your prescription isn’t covered by insurance    Why don’t you … Continue reading

Good-bye is a miracle

These past few weeks have been tough for me, so please forgive me for not replying to comments and not posting. During this time, I have been exploring (somewhat against my will) the nature of good-byes.  Most recently, I said good-bye to a very toxic job.  I didn’t even realize how much it was affecting … Continue reading