Yesterday was a day of treasures for me.  I certainly needed it.  For some reason, Fridays always seem to be subpar.  I suppose that’s what I get for having high expectations.

My first treasure was a recipe for cake…in a mug. As in, the ability to have my own personal serving of cake anytime I want, in under 3 minutes.  I was more than a little excited.   I love cake.

My second treasure was finding my 2013 movie love.  Each summer I find a small independent movie to obsess over and threaten to drive 100 or more miles to see instead of patiently waiting for it to come to my town.  Last year it was Safety Not Guaranteed (omg. Don’t get me started…).  This year it’s going to be Kings of Summer (same production company as Safety Not Guaranteed. Just a little bit excited!).

But I also have a sort of lost treasure.  Gratitude. I know. Sounds silly.  But whenever I am in a tough spot with my health, I always turn to gratitude. I find the things I have that I am grateful for.  It’s how I know I am not taking what I have for granted, which would be beyond easy to do.

This also makes me sensitive to the gratitude of others (or lack thereof).  I can’t tell you (although I doubt I have to) how precious an acknowledgement is when you are sick or hurting. Just because it is assumed that everyone would know these things, it is still vastly important to say them…Hey thanks for trying.  Thanks for being positive.  Thanks for being there for me, I know it wasn’t easy. 

It would be welcomed like water in the desert.

So for you, kind reader, thank you for your time. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your likes and comments.  I hope more gratitude cycles into your life.

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