Echorus by Philip Glass

This song is my new obsession. The title comes from the greek word for “echo.”  I love the flow and focus of the music.  A pair of dueting cellos are the central point of the rich sound. You can almost see them dancing.  But as the music flows, other instruments and melodies compete for the … Continue reading

Being human?

My elbows. And the tip of my nose. What do those body parts have in common? They are the only parts of me that don’t hurt (right now any way). I have been in one of the hardest flares of my life. Too exhausted to stay awake. Too much pain to fall asleep. Too fatigued … Continue reading


About one week ago, Oz took me on an adventure.  We visited Native American burial mounds and hiked through the serene woods.  We found a road that was closed to vehicles, but decided to hike it anyway.  It had been raining on and off all day and my feet became mops.  But I didn’t care. … Continue reading