Safe and Sound?

I did make it back from Ireland, about a week ago. The change in climate allowed me to meet myself again.  I was nearly pain-free the entire trip. This has also provoked a strange grieving process, because coming back to the heat and smog has sent me spiraling.

But I don’t want to linger on that. I would like to share my last journal entry from Ireland.

What I learned from this adventure abroad:

Be gracious– be gentle–know where to get your information–

be brave, let your excitement of overcoming be the only indication of how strong the fear was–

be bold, if you feel there is something you must do, do so–

be completely incomplete in your soul so there is always room for more–

go one step further– sit with your fear–


ask for the experience you want (or haven’t had)– sow the seeds of your heart–

don’t impose (your music, faith, discontent, opinions, and noise), space is shared by all–

sunrise, dublin

Getting up to see the sunrise is always worth the missed sleep– enjoy the rain but dry off quickly–

take the unknown stairs  — alcohol and cookies you have to purchase on a plane are hardly worth it–

collect local poetry, art, and music– adjust your plans for you, it’s your adventure–

Sometimes what you are doing is important to you, but just as important to others who want to see you succeed–

castle ruins, ireland

take strange photos– look for four-leaf clovers–find what feeds your soul, then find more–

expect great things and take the time to soak in the view–

plan so new opportunities can find you–

figure out how to work the shower and actually enjoy the hot water–

make decisions and go– always stop at the coast.

harbor view, irish coast

And I now know, given a better environment, I can regain my functioning. And that I am still in there, somewhere. Safe and sound.


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