Puzzle pieces

Why are there so many pieces? I couldn’t help myself from thinking that as I pieced together an internet jigsaw puzzle. (Productive things done while multitasking at work…)

I feel like too many pieces. Like two or three jigsaw puzzles all mashed together, thrown in a giant box, sent directly to Oz. He probably wonders why there are so many pieces too.

Oz thinks my fibromyalgia is actually misdiagnosed Lyme Disease. It is so nice (and new to me) to have someone actively exploring ways to make me better. We both know this adventure might not pan out the way we want, but I hear experience is something you have to get first hand.

I think it is worth exploring. I think it is a scary prospect. I think the increasing pain I am in is even scarier. I think that finding a new doctor, for fibro or Lyme is going to be hard. I think I am getting tired of all the misinformation and false cures.

Why are there so many pieces?

I think I have to apply the same tactic I am using tonight to get to my bed, two separate flights of stairs away: one bit at a time. With lots of rest inbetween. And late night television.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle pieces

  1. I agree, it seems like every doctor has a different spin on a diagnosis. I’ve been told a lot of things (lupus, fibro, hypermobility syndrome). When I first had +ANA, my doctor checked me for Lyme, too. But, that was negative. Just ask doctors to test you….I hope they can do something to help you with your awful pain.

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