Definitions and some music

I wish you weren’t sick.

If you were healthy, everything in my life would be perfect.

I have been battling these words inside my head. They would be easier to fight off if Oz hadn’t been the one to say them.

They would also be easier to fight off if I hadn’t been working so hard to fight myself.

Fibromyalgia and relationships can be a tricky cocktail to stomach.

This past week has been pretty tough. Incredible, unusual pain in one of my ovaries has me worried about what else could possibly be going wrong with my body.  The ever present exhaustion and fatigue I dance with daily is pretty taxing too. And then Oz’s words above. I can empathize with them and him. But I’m left searching for purpose.

Purpose. To have purpose. Purposefully.

I am seeking definitions for those words in application to life with chronic pain, and to love.

So far this is the best I could find. So listen to it. And let me know what you think.
Cloud Cult: Purpose


One thought on “Definitions and some music

  1. sorry, i’m a bit late to be of use probably, but my husband said something similar to me once about me being a survivor of multiple abuse (ouch!) and we got through it, but what i wish i’d said would go like this:
    Your life would feel perfect if you could regain your joy in allyship. What can we (individually and together) do and be to re-empower that part of you?
    – because caring can be draining, i know, my husband had rapid cycle bi-polar (what’s the emoticon for ‘i seeee’? 😉 )and he may need to go feed his soul with something to come back refreshed.
    but your partnership requires that he find a less blaming way to say what he feels and take action to help himself.
    also, if it wasn’t this it’d be something else, life is not perfect, that’s why the joy has to be savoured. seize the day – we fibros/survivors are good at that
    all good wishes and hoping i haven’t made elephant tracks 😉

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