I know your technical term is discomfort. But let me tell you right now, I wouldn’t be here if I was only experiencing discomfort.

An awesome Friday turned into 9:30pm trip to the emergency room. I was in severe lower abdomen pain, low like ovaries, uterus, etc. Like couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand searing agony. And it was killing Oz because it hurt me to be touched. He was scared.

And so was I. Hospitals come with needles and bright lighting and forced fluids and more questions than answers and did I mention needles? I couldn’t even be a baby about it with Oz in the room. He has to use needles daily and has medical equipment constantly  attached to him.

The doctor was nice enough (outside of the continual use of the word discomfort), and the nurses were great.

But, as always, I left with a clean bill of healthy (maybe a cyst? they think), successfully ace-ing any and all medical tests administered. On paper, I am as healthy as a horse. Anyone else suffering from fibromyalgia will be happy to tell you, that isn’t always as comforting as it should be.

So I am left with more questions than answers. And I am a little more than nervous.  If anyone has any words of advice to help me out, I would appreciate it! I don’t like the thought of having something else going wrong with my health, but this is the second time my reproductive system has sent me spiraling, and it is not because of fibromyalgia.

Any help is better than becoming a hypochondriac on webmd.


3 thoughts on “Discomfort

  1. Make an appointment with a specialist, who can look at things more thoroughly. ER staff are there to rule out life-threatening emergencies, and do not usually look for every possible explanation. You might want to see an OBGYN as well as a gastroenterologist, as intestinal type things are located in the same area. Good luck! Glad there is no immediate threat, but that doesn’t mean that you drop it!

  2. Clean bill of health on paper. God, that pisses me off! I hate looking so healthy on lab results. Anyway, beyond that… I’ve had problems like that a few times before. They thought it was ovarian cysts, but didn’t show any on scans or anything… turns out it was my colon, BEHIND my uterus. You know, the descending colon? Anyway, I had severe constipation, internal hemorrhoids, and mild colitis. Took me years to figure that out, though. Also, took me years after THAT to figure out that I had a bunch of food allergies that were causing the problem, eating away at my guts. But now my colon’s beautiful, and I do still have some problems with apparent uterus/ovary pain but it’s always my colon acting up behind it, which it does from time to time. Hope that maybe my experience will help you?

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