How are you?

Life with Oz lately has been tough.

Especially on me. To be honest it’s hard. It sucks a lot.. It’s like I’m looking at the character sketch of myself and trying to figure out what I can emphasize and hold on to.

It is like Einstein’s riddle. There are a bunch of clues and you have to figure out who owns the fish from correlating data about house color, type of drink, and nationality. I wanted to figure it out one day and after an hour, I Googled the answer. Didn’t help me much. I want to solve the problem and get there myself. 

I am uncharacteristically uncertain.

Relationships are hard.

Any partnerships are.

I know what I want. I just don’t know how to get there.

And if you are reading this, Oz, it is you I want. Us.


One thought on “How are you?

  1. Yes, relationships ARE hard. And illness is an uncharacteristically difficult and complicating factor. Sometimes I wonder to myself, if the tables were turned and it were my husband that fell ill and got progressively worse to disabled like I have this past year and a half, would I stay with him like he has stayed with me? Would I be supportive and encouraging and tenacious in making it work? I’d like to think the answer is “yes”. I don’t like the type of person I would be if it were any other answer.

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