take heart.

Some things are just no good. Some things, quite frankly, suck. Snow filled, freezing winters happen to be one of them. My biggest fibromyalgia battles happen to be against the weather. (Big surprise, I should try to fight something I have no control over…) Temperatures in the teens and twenties make me unbelievably tired, makes … Continue reading

Christmases Past (and future)

So I’ve been really really good this year. (Okay, maybe only one ‘really.’) And since it is my first Christmas with Oz, I feel like it is rather special.  He already received his Christmas present…I bought us tickets to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They were floor seats (like I said, I’ve been really good … Continue reading

Lesser-known holidays

I love holidays.  Probably the product of my upbringing.  We have 25 plastic containers of Christmas decorations at home.  When finished, it looks like a holiday wonderland.  It has been said we kind of go overboard.  We get a little excited about fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving), Valentine’s day, and St. Patrick’s Day too.  My dad’s … Continue reading