Thrill Rides

My fibromyalgia has been very active, roller coaster like. This got me thinking about the time Oz and I went to an amusement park over the summer. I like roller coasters but I am more careful about getting on them when my body is already hurting. Plus, tests have shown my adrenal glands are over … Continue reading

Safe and Sound?

I did make it back from Ireland, about a week ago. The change in climate allowed me to meet myself again.  I was nearly pain-free the entire trip. This has also provoked a strange grieving process, because coming back to the heat and smog has sent me spiraling. But I don’t want to linger on … Continue reading

The Saddest Words

Every professional sick person knows the word bank of things they certainly don’t want to hear: You don’t look sick     Have you tried…..    We don’t know why your test results declined/showed up normal     I wish you could still do….    Your prescription isn’t covered by insurance    Why don’t you … Continue reading

Good-bye is a miracle

These past few weeks have been tough for me, so please forgive me for not replying to comments and not posting. During this time, I have been exploring (somewhat against my will) the nature of good-byes.  Most recently, I said good-bye to a very toxic job.  I didn’t even realize how much it was affecting … Continue reading

My (Very Public) Love Letter

Dear Oz I stayed on the phone for what felt like hours after you had fallen asleep. I’m sure it wasn’t hours, but what is time anyway? At one point you were saying goodnight. You said something I couldn’t understand. When you repeated it, I heard, “I will never leave you.” I was doing my … Continue reading

The truth about failed adventures

You may be protesting by now. El, your failed adventures all have a silver lining.  Life is not always like that. I know. More often than not, failed adventures take quite a bit of distance and hindsight to be enjoyed.  And sometimes, even time doesn’t fix them.  For example, I once gave a friend a gift … Continue reading