About one week ago, Oz took me on an adventure.  We visited Native American burial mounds and hiked through the serene woods.  We found a road that was closed to vehicles, but decided to hike it anyway.  It had been raining on and off all day and my feet became mops.  But I didn’t care. … Continue reading

Out And On the Town

Oz has been out for a while, which has left me to suffer the sudden onset of winter by myself.  This normally casts a very snowy forecast on my heart, but I’m determined to not feel funky.  So I have found myself out and on the town… as much as someone with fibromyalgia can be. … Continue reading

Mondays are my favorite days

Mondays are my favorite days.  Most people just throw away Mondays, the dreaded start of the week, the early morning after a lazy (or action packed) weekend.  I’d even venture to say that most people dread Mondays. But I don’t. Because every Monday, Oz has a 3 hour break between classes and I drive across … Continue reading