Sage words I already knew

If you could be present, you’d do great. (Anyone else feel like that is the story of their life?) My un-fibro self screams at this.  Positively berates me. You can do better, just get a lot more sleep/exercise/vitamins. You aren’t trying hard enough. and a whole other slew of impolite criticisms. But honestly, all I … Continue reading

Today I Feel Loved

Today I feel loved. I spent last night cuddling with Marcie on the couch. I saw Oz this morning before I left, and we danced in the drive way. One of my professors was so excited to see that I was in her class, again. Another professor that I adore (and am slightly intimidated by) … Continue reading

No effort without mistakes…

Hello. My name is El. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a pain-free day. And I can’t do this anymore. That’s how I imagine an AA-like group for people with chronic pain conditions would start. For me, this can be a whole range of things. It’s my relationship with Oz. It’s waking up in … Continue reading

The failed adventures of puzzles

This have been complicated recently. Actually, this has been a banner year for me.  It was the first not-dismal New Year’s eve/day in a decade…which has turned into a mostly dismal year.  Hopefully March will turn it around. (It can totally do that right? March can march right out of anything…I hope.) If we were … Continue reading

Getting Literate

I was saved today, by a little blue book. Everything has been swirling out of control for me. If I was to count the number of days I have been out of commission in 2013, it would honestly equal about half. Those days are wasted, gone, as is a lot of my confidence. And just … Continue reading