Yesterday was a day of treasures for me.  I certainly needed it.  For some reason, Fridays always seem to be subpar.  I suppose that’s what I get for having high expectations. My first treasure was a recipe for cake…in a mug. As in, the ability to have my own personal serving of cake anytime I … Continue reading

No effort without mistakes…

Hello. My name is El. It’s been almost a year since I’ve had a pain-free day. And I can’t do this anymore. That’s how I imagine an AA-like group for people with chronic pain conditions would start. For me, this can be a whole range of things. It’s my relationship with Oz. It’s waking up in … Continue reading

The truth about failed adventures

You may be protesting by now. El, your failed adventures all have a silver lining.  Life is not always like that. I know. More often than not, failed adventures take quite a bit of distance and hindsight to be enjoyed.  And sometimes, even time doesn’t fix them.  For example, I once gave a friend a gift … Continue reading