Things unseen

My feet as such sluts! This statement followed an unusual conversation on why I like Oz’s feet so much. Mine are always out and about. His are always serenely encased in socks and shoes. So when the rare opportunity to see them comes up I get a little excited. They are freckled! It doesn’t get … Continue reading

Weather complaint

Dear rainy cold day in Ohio, Your presence indicates a colder fall is on the way. I still have hayrides and haunted houses to enjoy. Under other circumstances, your choice of attire wouldn’t bother me. But seeing as you have chosen to don gray despair, I must protest. You have me hiding under a mountain … Continue reading


I feel like I ought to start prepping now. The temperatures next week are going to drop down to the single digits. Ideally this time would be spent consuming tea, hiding under my electric blanket, and perfecting my zen art of becoming a couch cushion. But real life gets in the way. And under conditions … Continue reading