The biggest fear, initially.

After my last relationship ended due to my health complications, I was rather hard-pressed to enter another relationship. Especially on that level. There was always something special about Oz though, which drove me to voraciously pursue him. I had one big fear though, which I happened to revisit tonight. That great fear stemmed from the … Continue reading

Out And On the Town

Oz has been out for a while, which has left me to suffer the sudden onset of winter by myself.  This normally casts a very snowy forecast on my heart, but I’m determined to not feel funky.  So I have found myself out and on the town… as much as someone with fibromyalgia can be. … Continue reading


I feel like I ought to start prepping now. The temperatures next week are going to drop down to the single digits. Ideally this time would be spent consuming tea, hiding under my electric blanket, and perfecting my zen art of becoming a couch cushion. But real life gets in the way. And under conditions … Continue reading

take heart.

Some things are just no good. Some things, quite frankly, suck. Snow filled, freezing winters happen to be one of them. My biggest fibromyalgia battles happen to be against the weather. (Big surprise, I should try to fight something I have no control over…) Temperatures in the teens and twenties make me unbelievably tired, makes … Continue reading