Me & Oz

Oz & Me

 I know what you are thinking, and yes he is that adorable in real life.

I know we look totally normal, but here’s the thing. We aren’t.  We’re pretty weird.  And genetically unique!

I have fibromyalgia, which is a fancy word for chronic life altering pain. Check it out:

Oz has Type I Diabetes, which does not mean he can not eat funnel cake, in case you were wondering. And to satisfy some protesting from Oz, here’s a link to info about Type I Diabetes:

We are lucky because we both understand the annoyances health issues can bring.  Unfortunately for us, they bring a lot of annoyances, as we are both trying to balance real life and medical security, a precious commodity neither of us can seem to hold on to for long.

The optimists in our lives say it is a miracle we found each other.

The way I look at it, it’s an anomaly we didn’t find each other sooner.

But I am more than ready to make up for lost time.

4 thoughts on “Me & Oz

  1. I sometimes think it’s only another person who has been through a chronic illness or suffering who can really understand those of us who live with chronic ill-health. Hope you’re coping okay with the fibromyalgia and diabetes dance, although love helps smooth the way with everything I’ve found. Wishing every good thing for you both, Nicole xx

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