My hero

Oz is my hero. I constantly push myself so I can be better. I figure, me better = Oz better = us even better. And that sounds wonderful to me. So today, after not being able to get out of bed for hours and hardly functioning as a human being (thanks to my fibro), I … Continue reading

In the moment

One of those new age life affirming mottoes: Live in the moment. From sick people everywhere, I’d like to take a moment to tell you how incredibly hard this is. In the moment you are feeling good, life is lived and caught up on. It takes some time, but before you know it, you stop looking … Continue reading

The Lie I Told Tonight

Relationships are a failed adventure with nearly everything they touch. Even more so when you add two diseases in the mix.  Some days our relationship is more failed than adventure. Like tonight. I am watching as Oz snoozes on the couch next to me, in what I hope is a restful, dreamy sleep. He has … Continue reading

Echorus by Philip Glass

This song is my new obsession. The title comes from the greek word for “echo.”  I love the flow and focus of the music.  A pair of dueting cellos are the central point of the rich sound. You can almost see them dancing.  But as the music flows, other instruments and melodies compete for the … Continue reading

My (Very Public) Love Letter

Dear Oz I stayed on the phone for what felt like hours after you had fallen asleep. I’m sure it wasn’t hours, but what is time anyway? At one point you were saying goodnight. You said something I couldn’t understand. When you repeated it, I heard, “I will never leave you.” I was doing my … Continue reading