How are you?

Life with Oz lately has been tough. Especially on me. To be honest it’s hard. It sucks a lot.. It’s like I’m looking at the character sketch of myself and trying to figure out what I can emphasize and hold on to. It is like Einstein’s riddle. There are a bunch of clues and you … Continue reading


I know your technical term is discomfort. But let me tell you right now, I wouldn’t be here if I was only experiencing discomfort. An awesome Friday turned into 9:30pm trip to the emergency room. I was in severe lower abdomen pain, low like ovaries, uterus, etc. Like couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand searing … Continue reading

In the moment

One of those new age life affirming mottoes: Live in the moment. From sick people everywhere, I’d like to take a moment to tell you how incredibly hard this is. In the moment you are feeling good, life is lived and caught up on. It takes some time, but before you know it, you stop looking … Continue reading

Puzzle pieces

Why are there so many pieces? I couldn’t help myself from thinking that as I pieced together an internet jigsaw puzzle. (Productive things done while multitasking at work…) I feel like too many pieces. Like two or three jigsaw puzzles all mashed together, thrown in a giant box, sent directly to Oz. He probably wonders … Continue reading

Being human?

My elbows. And the tip of my nose. What do those body parts have in common? They are the only parts of me that don’t hurt (right now any way). I have been in one of the hardest flares of my life. Too exhausted to stay awake. Too much pain to fall asleep. Too fatigued … Continue reading


About one week ago, Oz took me on an adventure.  We visited Native American burial mounds and hiked through the serene woods.  We found a road that was closed to vehicles, but decided to hike it anyway.  It had been raining on and off all day and my feet became mops.  But I didn’t care. … Continue reading